About Not Greedy

Why we chose to disrupt one of Malta’s most lucrative industries.

Your savings go a lot further with us…. Why?

For most of us, our home is the most important and valuable thing we will ever own. It is the largest financial commitment we will ever make - and a difference of a few percentage points in price can easily add up to the cost of a brand new car. At NotGreedy.com.mt, our mission is to give you back those few percentage points by doing away with the typical Real Estate Agency mark-up of 5%, and replacing it with a much more reasonable fixed-fee which is equivalent to less than 1%.

But that’s just the first part. The truth is, dropping that initial price by almost 5% has knock-on benefits which keep the savings adding up even once the deal is done. The reason for this is simple, but easy to overlook. After buying a property, all further charges and expenses including Government Tax (Stamp Duty), Notarial fees, Public Registry costs and loan interest repayments, are always calculated on the purchase price of the property. This means that lowering your purchase price also lowers all of these expenses as well. The fact that at NotGreedy we are able to list the same properties as high-street agencies at better prices, means that you also save on tax, fees, expenses and interest repayments.

We hope that these two huge sources of savings are enough to convince you that NotGreedy really offers the best value and the fairest deal - but there is one more thing. We also provide additional discounts and offers on home finishings, furnishings and services to any buyer or seller signing a promise of sale agreement through NotGreedy. We’ve worked hard to remain true to our name and create a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers - So check us out and make your next property transaction the best you could possibly have.