About Not Greedy

Why we chose to disrupt one of Malta’s most lucrative industries.

Finding it hard

Is your budget 450K - 550K?

Are you looking for a house with a garden?

Finding it hard? Well it is!

With such a high demand for these type of properties, we are seeing prices go up at a much faster rate than flats! Why??

Well, good sized houses are being bought by developers at unaffordable prices for family home buyers! It is the current market and there is nothing we can do about it.

We are here to help you save as much money as you possibly, but still, we cannot do miracles. What we can do however, is give you some advice to maybe start looking at penthouses with large terraces or even ground/solitary maisonettes with large backyard or roof gardens.

These type of properties will still give you that home feeling and could have outdoor spaces which are larger than some houses have to offer.

CLICK HERE are some tips of how this can be possible: